Submitting a paper to Quantropy


Certain services require you to register with the system so that it can identify you, such as the document depositing services. To do this click on the Create Account link in the toolbar above. You will be asked for your name, email address (which is a necessary part of the registration process) and to choose a username and password.  On pressing the register button you will be sent an email with  a link to activate your account.  When you have done this you will be able to login using the link in the toolbar above.  When you do so the toolbar will contain a link to your profile page.  The profile page has a Modify Profile button, which takes you to a page where you can enter further information about yourself.  This page includes the following entries.

Hide Email - we recommend that you leave it as hidden

Department, Organisation, Address, Country: We do not recommend that you enter your full address, but would like you to fill in at least the country and either the organisation field or a place name in the address field such as the city where you live.

Homepage URL: If you have a website, we would like you to enter it here.

 An important feature of Quantropy is to provide readers with some information about the authors of papers submitted here.

Submitting a paper

To start the process of submitting a paper click on the Manage deposits link in the toolbar, then press the New Item button.  There this takes you to the Item Type page.  We recommend that you leave this as Quantropy eprint, unless you are submitting a paper which has been published elsewhere, in which case you can choose Article, which allows you to enter publication details of your paper
The next screen allows you to upload the document itself.  Note that only pdf files are allowed in the Quantropy repository.  If your paper is in another format we recommend that you convert it to a pdf file with a utility such as PrimoPDF. The new document can be selected with the browse button, but it is important to remember to upload the document using the Upload button.  It is not necessary to fill in any of the other fields on this page.  

Pressing the Next button takes you to the Details page, where  you should enter the title and abstract of your paper.  Under publication details, you can give links to related URL, in particular you can give a link to an external page where people can discuss your article (this might be a page of a blog), and you can give a link to supplementary material, for instance if the paper you are submitting is a summary of a project you have carried out and more information is available on your website. If your paper is a commentary on another paper in the Quantropy repository you can  enter its identifying number in the Commentary on area (press the check button after you have entered the number to make sure that you have entered the correct number)  The Creators section allows you to enter the names of the authors of the paper.  I you are the only author you won't need to enter anything as your name will already have been entered.  You can enter information into the remaining sections of this page, but this is not required.

If you are a Full Member then you can link to a copy of you paper elsewhere instead of uploading it to Quantropy. Enter the URL into the 'External URL' field of the Publication Details section of the Details page. Note that your paper is still required to be in the form of a PDF file.

Pressing Next takes you to the subject page, where you should enter the subject of your paper (you can enter more than one subject if you wish).  The subject classification is based on the Library of Congress classification  system, with more detail in the physical and mathematical sciences.  There is also a Quantropy Feedback subject, for papers discussing the Quantropy website itself.

Pressing Next takes you to the deposit page, where you can deposit your paper in the repository.  
Your paper will then be checked by an editor, and, provided it meets a few reasonable conditions, it will be added to the repository (If it is rejected then you will be sent an email with the reason)


At the right of each page is a list of books.  You may edit the list on your profile page and on the abstract page of papers you have deposited.  Press the Edit List button and then enter the ISBNs of the books into the spaces provided.  On the abstract page you should enter any books referenced by the paper, as well as other books you think relevant. On your profile page you can enter any books you think appropriate  - in particular any books which you have written.

Your Workspace

If you start uploading a paper, you can decide that you wish to wait until later before completing the upload, and you can start on another paper. Papers that you are in the process of uploading are in your workspace.

If there are papers in your workspace, then on the 'Manage Deposits' page you will see a list of those papers with some option buttons. The title of each paper you are uploading will be shown in the list.
The option buttons are described below:


Takes you to a page with more comprehensive information and actions related to the item, 


If you select a paper and click on this button, that paper will be removed from your workspace and discarded completely. You will be asked for confirmation first, so don't worry about accidentally clicking on it. Clones of any paper you delete are unaffected.


If you select a paper in your workspace and click this button, you will be able to carry on depositing that paper.


If you're satisfied that you've completed uploading the paper and associated information as you had intended, then you can select the paper and click on this button to deposit the paper in the repository. Note that if there are problems with the paper (for instance, if a document file upload hasn't worked, or the associated bibliographic information is invalid), you will be told what is wrong, and you won't be able to deposit the paper until those problems are fixed.

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